Skype Portable

Video calling software for Windows Vista has been made portable, so it can launch from a flash drive

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Skype is one of the most prolific, useful voice communications programs available. It's easy to use and was one of the first Internet phone options to be adopted by the mainstream public after the broadband age began.

The Skype Portable download will allow you to use Skype quickly without going through a long installation process. The program runs from the directory itself, so if you have a Flash drive or any external hard drive, there's no need to install the program to the computer in use. It involves little effort and is and a clean way to use your programs without scaring off friends and family who don't understand computers at all. If you want to take a few more portable applications on the go, Softonic has a ton of others that I've been using for jumping on other computers.

Of course, ask permission before jacking someone else's USB drive; it's only polite. This software is also useful if you're having registry issues that Ccleaner can't take care of or if you're having issues with clean installations.

Skype has been recently merged with Microsoft's products. If you currently use MSN or Windows Messenger, you'll notice that your account doesn't come up properly. That's because MSN has been integrated with Skype as well, so you can just use your Skype information for all these clients.

Some people are a little uneasy about using the software, but using Skype doesn't require making phone calls or using video. If you simply want to use Skype as a chat or messaging system, you can. There are many other features in Skype that can be hidden or used as you want, but there's almost no clutter.

Skype does a lot more than just messaging between Skype users. You can purchase calling plans for different countries, allowing you to place calls to actual phones with a real phone number. Do you want to forward calls from your phone to Skype or from Skype to your phone? This app makes it easy.

Skype is compatible with most of the major operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8, as well as the entire suite of OSX, Apple IOS and Android OS versions. This particular version is a portable download for Windows 7, but you can find other versions on Softonic.

If you plan on using Skype portable for more than just chat, I highly suggest investing in a headset. Either a standard USB headset or a Bluetooth earpiece with a USB receiver will do the trick, allowing you to get connected and join conversations with a minimal footprint.


  • There's no need for a full Skype install; this portable Skype installation works relatively quickly without having to go through the whole process. It isn't a silent portable -- that is, a portable with no traces of access or use -- but you can make that happen on your own.
  • With Skype Portable, you can enjoy free chat and calls to Skype users. If your friends, family, coworkers or anyone else has Skype, you can type and talk with them.
  • You have plenty of file-sharing options and can do more than just talk. If you want to throw pictures, audio or video files into the conversation without having to switch to an Internet tab, just use the file manager.


  • Some programs allow free calls to landlines with your own reserved phone number. Skype charges for a Skype-In number with which people can call you. This feature used to be free.

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